Ready, Set, Starter Kit

Ready, Set, Starter Kit Promotion

Starting 1 October, there’s a new, limited-time Starter Kit option available called the Ready, Set, Starter Kit. This Starter Kit will have a set of pre-determined products, which include the suggested Starter Kit, Stampin’ Up! apron, collapsible bin and a $60 NZD coupon code. These items have been selected so you have all you need to start hosting events including the 2 cards on the flyer you can copy. Remember too that when you join Stampin’ Up! with me you also join my team. We have meetings, a private Facebook group attend Stampin’ Up! events together and grab a meal afterwards. So you get a ready made group of friends who are so welcoming and very supportive.

Starter Kit Flyer

Use the coupon code to buy more tools for your business or you can transfer it to another person ie: use it as an ordering prize at your first event.

Get a closer look by clicking on the flyer. When you join you get the option of selecting the Ready, Set, Starter Kit or the Standard Starter Kit where you choose all the items yourself.

NB: Only the Ready, Set, Starter Kit has the apron, collapsible bin and a $60 NZD coupon code. This kit is only available until 31 December 2018.

For more details please contact me.